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Chindustry(Hainan) Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Fuxing City, No. 32, Binhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province. Its predecessor is Chindustry (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (registered in Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone). It completed the industrial and commercial registration of change on June 24, 2020. Chindustry (Hainan) Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and is also the first governing units of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Services Association. Chindustry is one of the top enterprises of Shanghai contract energy Management investment in the project and has an excellent performance of energy-saving services. The company has a professional team with abundant and extensive experience

in production and operation in chemical industry. Chindustry has various robust cooperative partners, including China Five Rings, China Hengtian, East China University of Technology, Zhengzhou University, Shanxi Universities and so forth, which has leading technology and market-leading units.
Chindustry carries out a wide range of projects, such as project construction, equipment capacity improvement, technology development, system energy-saving services in methanol, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, BDO, ammonia, ethylene glycol, urea, BDO, THF, PBT, , PTA, PA66, olefin, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, thermal power and other fields.

Company currently has employees more than 80 people, including six senior engineers, nearly 20 seniors who have more than 15 years¡¯ experience of chemical industries. Most of the employees worked in domestic large and medium-sized chemical companies, and they are normally equipped with abundant experience in chemical production and operation management and Project construction. They can provide users with device construction services, project EPC services, whole plant system energy-saving services, production and operation of technical advice, project management and technical transformation of construction services. Our company has our own R & D Center which dedicates to new product developments. At the moment, we have various patents in this field. Our professionals make full use of their professional skills, rich site management and project construction experience, trying our best to reduce the entire project costs and project operating costs, in order to provide high quality and efficient products to our customers.
Chindustry has advanced high temperature nano-boiler ceramic coating technology, which can extend boiler life, improve operating efficiency and the continuous operation of various types of boilers. In addition it can also greatly reduce the generation and emission of NOX. Chad always makes full use of its unique advantages of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, providing high-efficiency separator, methanol wax, polymer water slurry additives, Kenfor to liquid ring compressors, various types of chemical pumps and other exports and BDO, PBT, catalyst import and export business to different users. British Senscient open-circuit laser toxic, combustible gas detectors, advanced equipments to ensure the test results without interference and more accurate.
In Yizheng, Jiangsu, the company owns nearly 70,000 square meters of chemical engineering and engineering plastics research and development centers, pilot bases and machining centers. Chindustry¡¯s coopereation with East China University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University and Shanxi University, injects impetus into the sustainable development of the enterprise itself. With its superb technology, rich experience, honest and trustworthy spirit, Chad has won the trust and praise of users at home and abroad, so they has established close cooperation relationship with India's major textile enterprises NAKODA company, the world's fifth and Asia's first film manufacturer JINDAL company, RAJRAYON Company, CHIRIPAL Group, the Iranian International Oil Company and Xinjiang Guanghui, South Korea Hyosung and other enterprises.
Chadu adhering to the "innovation, efficiency, excellence" concepts, always follows the rule of ¡®triving to build better¡¯to provide tailor-made boutique projects and quality services in order to maximize our profits.