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Chindustry (hainan) Technology Co., Ltd.
Chindustry (hainan) Technology Co., Ltd. registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in October, 2014, is a national high-tech enterprises, and is also the first governing units of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Services Association. Chindustry is one of the top enterprises of Shanghai contract energy Management investment in the project and has an excellent performance of energy-saving services. Chindustry is an engineering company integrating chemical engineering general contract, coal chemical and petrochemical plant transformation, energy saving service, project investment and international trade.
  • Engineering contractor 1.BDO 2.PBT 3.H2O2 4.Glycol 5.MTO 6.PET 7.Others
  • Technological transformation 1.BDO 2.PBT 3.PET 4. H2O2 5.Methanol 6.LNG 7.Ammonia 8.Glycol 9.Others
  • Systemic energy conservation 1.BDO 2.PBT 3.H2O2 4、PTMEG 5.POM 6.Methanol 7.LNG 8.Glycol 9.Ammonia 10.Others
  • Synergy products

    1、甲醇除蜡器 2、高效气液分离器 3、纳米陶瓷涂层 4、高分子水煤浆添加剂

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